Silicone Mask Bong – 11in


With this silicone gas mask bong, you’ll get the absolute most out of every hit since not a drop of smoke will escape until you want it to. Designed to be the life of the party, the tight silicone seal and adjustable head straps will force you to breathe in all the smoke until the very end. Think of yourself as a character in Fallout, except when you inhale the “poison gas”, everyone just gets baked instead of dying. This silicone bong comes in 2 colors, a red and yellow flame design, and a red and black skull. Both styles come with an amber-colored detachable bong fitted with a metal downstem and smoking bowl. Bring this unique bong to your next event and you’ll go down in party history.


Material – Plastic, silicone, polyester

Height – 11”

Width – 3.5″

Depth – 7”

Weight – 9.1 oz

Style – Bong